Fiber optic cabling 0 €

Hi! We are Valoo.

We build and operate 100% fiber-optic networks across the country. Pure fiber cabling – straight to your house. Our commitment is to bring the fiber-optic network to your neighbourhood, if you and your neighbours are ready to get on-board and we receive a sufficient number of pre-orders.

Why fiber internet?

In today’s ever digitalising world, a stable home internet connection is as essential of a daily convenience as is electricity, heating or plumbing. Intrernet connection powered by fiber cabling is super fast and always reliable regardless of weather conditions, number of users or how hard you surf.

Fiber-optic cable runs underground, safe from interferences. It consists of hair-thin glass fibers in which data is transmitted by light and so – at light speed. It is the only internet type that has a practically unlimited capacity and provides symmetrical speeds for downloads as fast as uploads. Durability and mostly low maintenance also make it environmentally friendly.

Mobile connections, like 4G or 5G, are not technically capable of sustaining the constantly growing data consumption. Unlike a mobile connection, that requires upgrading and building the next generation of infrastructure every few years (5G is not even in wide use yet and already there is talk of 6G), a fiber-optic network, once installed, will last up to a hundred years.

What does it cost?

Fiber-optic cable is installed securely underground. Cabling to a property is a costly construction project and usually is priced at 2490 €. Our approach is revolutionary since, we offer cabling at 0 €, aiming to establish long lasting customer relations as an internet provider, not just a fiber construction company. Our mission is to make fiber connection affordable for everyone. We believe a right to fiber is a basic right.

Here is what we offer:

1. Cabling construction fee 0 € (reg. 2490 €) covers cabling straight to your house. Construction fee includes trench work on the yard, optical network terminal (ONT) installation in your house and running the fiber cable from your premises towards the larger fiber network.

2. Connection fee 0 € includes connecting your property to the fiber network, when the construction in the area is completed and network starts operating. One Mesh WiFi- router is also included. Connection fee is charged (if a charge is applicable) only once the internet subscription is activated. You have 12 months time to activate your monthly internet subscription, counting from the day your property is connected to the network. This ensures flexibility, in case you have a previous binding internet subscription.

Your fiber connection total (including cabling, connection to the fiber network, one Wi-Fi Mesh -router as well as internet subscription itself) makes up for only 897,60 € over two years time (example calculated with a Valoo Netti S- monthly plan 100M/100M). That’s right! Two years of super fast fiber internet for less than half of what the construction fee alone normally costs. If after two years of our friendship you are, for some reason, unhappy with your fiber-fast and consistently reliable internet, then you are free to unsubscribe your monthly plan without any extra charges. Meanwhile your property would remain equipped with fiber cabling, which increases the real estate value, yet requires no up keeping costs. It’s risk-free!

Get in touch with us!

Call to 09 3154 3060 ( Open weekdays 8–18 & Saturday 10–16. Local network charge/mobile call charge.

Or make an order at our website (currently Finnish only)